Channel letter illumination

Channel letter illumination

Charleston Manufacturing, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of fabricated Channel Letters to our line of architectural signage systems. Designed for applications where a more substantial dimensional image is required than provided by flat cut letters,
Charleston Manufacturing, LLC’s Channel Letters are perfect for storefront and other commercial applications.  

All Charleston Manufacturing, LLC Channel Letters are fabricated to the same stringent standards you’ve come to expect with all our architectural signage products. This includes sturdy aluminum returns and mig or heliarc welded seams that are filed and ground smooth. From there, the letters receive a mild etching treatment and are ready for an anodized or acrylic polyurethane paint finish.  

Charleston Manufacturing, LLC Channel Letters are available in either an illuminated, non-illuminated or backlit configuration. Where illumination is required, our Channel Letters are UL approved and can utilize either neon or LED as a lighting source. For illuminated applications all letters are coated with a light enhancing primer that will maximize the desired lighting effect.  

Note that Charleston Manufacturing, LLC Channel Letters are available in either a Serif or script style and custom designs are always welcome. In addition a number of mounting styles are available to suit your specific application.

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System Features & Design
The beauty of Charleston Manufacturing, LLC architectural signage systems are their inherent versatility. Utilizing modular components, the systems can be adapted to virtually any signage application ranging from monolithic designs to interior wall-mounted directories. The Charleston Manufacturing, LLC systems offer design integrity, aesthetic quality and remarkable economy.

Charleston Manufacturing, LLC maintains a complete in-house paint facility. As a result, we are able to offer single source responsibility and a high level of quality control. In addition, our color matching capabilities are without equal. We take pride in providing full color matching services, usually in a week or less.

Our standard paint finish is an acrylic polyurethane, the most recognized coating for quality, brilliance and longevity in architectural signage systems. 6063 T5 aluminum extrusions are mechanically pre-treated, primed and electrostatically painted.

The finish is then baked on in an oven-accelerated air-dry system. The resulting hard, slick surface makes it impact resistant and able to withstand exposure to most solvents and chemicals as well as heavy traffic or abuse. In addition, the finish maintains

its "just painted" look years after exposure to sun, salt, and corrosive industrial environments.

Beyond our standard acrylic paint finish, Charleston Manufacturing, LLC can also provide anodized, Kynar 500® or other premium coatings as required. Please call us directly with your inquiries.

All posts and frames are manufactured from heavy duty 6063 T5 aluminum extrusions produced to Aluminum Association standards. Standard sign panels are supplied in .063 to .125 aluminum. Acrylic, fiber glass, Lumasite® or polycarbonate panels may also be specified.

There are a number of ways for a sign to effectively convey the proper graphic image. Charleston Manufacturing, LLC employs state of the art graphics equipment and technology. This allows the architect/specifier the freedom to choose from a number of processes for producing a graphic image. Some of the processes used by Charleston Manufacturing, LLC include:

  • Applied vinyl copy
  • Precision routed copy
  • Push-through copy
  • Frisketed copy
  • Back sprayed copy
  • Routed dimensional letters
  • Digital print


Our graphics capabilities allow us to offer a variety of options such as logo reproduction, corporate identity programs and sitewide uniformity of graphics.

The Series 750, 750 pylons and Series 1200 are designed for either Illuminated or non-illuminated applications. All units and ballasts are UL approved and are available in 120 or 277 volt configurations.

Standard Colors
Medium Bronze
Scarlet Red
Black Anodic
Capri Blue
Brushed Alum.
Federal Green
Dark Bronze
Hospital Blue
Deep Teal
Charcoal Grey
Rich Brown
High Gloss White